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Centralpark.4pm Washed Pocket T-Shirt / Forest green

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NT$ 1,180.00
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NT$ 1,180.00

寬鬆口袋短Tee,使用紋理明顯的棉質質料,全件自然洗舊處理,於縫線處可見洗褪細節,口袋為經典的4PM三針線圓角,衣角有公園C logo刺繡等細節,身後肩線具有打折細節,優化寬鬆線條層次。

Loose pocket short Tee, using cotton material with obvious texture, the whole piece is naturally washed and washed, and the washed and faded details can be seen at the stitching. The pockets are classic 4PM three-needle rounded corners, the corners have Park C logo embroidery details, and the back shoulder line has crease details to optimize the layered sense of loose lines.



‧Washing color treatment
‧Three needle rounded pockets
‧Park embroidery C Logo
‧Back shoulder fold line details


顏色:Navy / Orange / Olive / Forest green
1號 肩寬54 袖長26.5 胸寬60 衣長76
2號 肩寬56 袖長27.5 胸寬62 衣長78
3號 肩寬58 袖長28.5 胸寬64 衣長80

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