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Centralpark.4pm April Blue Stripe L/S Shirt

NT$ 1,980.00
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寬鬆的春季長袖襯衫,使用細緻的條紋線條,手感涼感、柔軟容易整理皺摺,衣身右側具有隱形拉鍊,增加日常隨身物品的放置空間,衣身左側具有C Logo公園刺繡與新制鈕釦細節,簡潔外表適應多樣場合。

Loose spring long-sleeved shirt with fine striped lines, cool to the touch, soft and easy to organize wrinkles. The right side of the shirt has an invisible zipper to increase the space for daily belongings. The left side has C Logo embroidery and new standard button details. Simple appearance adapts to various occasions.

・C Logo 公園刺繡

・Cool feeling material
・Invisible zipper pocket
・C Logo Embroidery
・New  standard button details

cm. 衣長 袖長 胸寬 肩寬
01.     76    63    69    54
02.     79    64    71    56
03.     82    65    73    58

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